Cultural Organizing

Project HIP-HOP has developed a cultural organizing model, within which all our work is situated. Cultural organizing is a social-justice strategy that places arts and culture at the center of organizing. Through cultural organizing, we seek to:

– Develop artistic leadership in youth
– Challenge and shift societal narratives
– Unite people through common culture
– Use art as a tool for campaign organizing

Cultural organizing isn’t a question of either art or activism, but is the perfect combination of the two. The intersection of art and activism allows for a creative and unique way for organizations to inform others of issues in our communities, and motivate people to take action. Through theater performances, music, murals, and even some of the more new-generation forms of art, like krumping and spoken word, activists and organizers are given  the opportunity to unmask and intersect issues of homophobia, racism, violence, etc. Some artist may be more aware than others of the socio-political dimension, but this understanding is necessary to use this strategy effectively.

Leadership Development is central to our mission. PHH has multiple levels of involvement, so that youth can take on increasing leadership roles as they grow in commitment and ability.

Through formal courses and workshops—such as Cultural Organizing 101 and 102—youth develop leadership skills and political consciousness, situating themselves within their families and communities, and within larger systems of oppression, power, and resistance.

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