Girlz and Guyz Cyphers bring young MCs and poets together to strengthen their skills as performers, develop their content as socially conscious artists, and engage in conversations about their lives—all within a Hip-Hop-based social justice curriculum.

Hip-Hop Elementz introduces youth to the core concepts and practices of cultural organizing. Classes are structured around the five elements of Hip-Hop: music, visual art, poetry, dance, and knowledge. Participants work with local Master Artists on socially conscious art projects decided on collectively by the youth.

The Street Theater Team is a group of youth cultural organizers who draw on the five elements to create public performances thatignite dialogue, educate, and move people to action. Performing in the streets, on buses, in shelters and schools, these young artists and organizers engage directly in issues that deeply affect our communities.

Summer Leadership Institute offers committed youth an intensive opportunity to train as cultural organizers, and to develop as artistic leaders. The institute sets the groundwork for the organizing work of the coming school year.

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