The Youth

PHH is a membership based organization. This means all of the work, events, programs, and activities are done for young people by young people with staff and adult support. The membership elects youth leaders and comes together once a month in membership meetings to decide on the direction of PHH, vote on new initiatives and to support and have fun with one another. Below are some of the young people currently involved in our Summer Leadership Institute.

Summer SLI Participants

Nailah—Krumper, poet
Michaela—Horn player, poet
Jalen—Krumper, Singer
Ashly—Poet, Visual Artist
Ashleigh—Singer, poet
Deandra—MC, poet
Lena—Dancer (Capoeira)
Acadia—Singer, poet
Ras Kassa*—Visual Artist, poet
Yves—Visual Artist
Danniela*—MC, poet
Ashley*—Spoken Word, Visual Artist
Darryl—Intern*youth leader

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